Most frequently questions and answers

Thank you for shopping at PolygonGolf.

Refunds are not available. This is because of the nature of the online video content contained within the Ben Hogan Master Class “No More Secrets”. There are no refunds that will be issued for any reason.

If you need help, Please contact Christopher Hudson at chrishudson(@)polygongolf.com. 

No, If your account is shared with anyone other than yourself, you may be banned from the site entirely and black listed from the site entirely. This also means you will not be refunded for your purchase price of the Ben Hogan Master Class, No More Secrets for any reason.

No. The videos lessons that are contained within the Ben Hogan Master Class, No More Secrets, are exclusive to the site and have never been seen on any other video platform online or any any television broadcast.

We do make a strong effort to incorporate portions of our YouTube videos to compliment the curriculum and training as needed.  

Who can I contact if I need additional customer and/or website support?

Our PolygonGolf Support team would be happy to help you with any questions you may have, please contact us by email at support(@)polygongolf.com.

No. You can login on different devices, however you must be logged out from all other devices to do so, this is easily done from your own personal backend dashboard. Our software features security settings that track all accounts and if there appears to be multiple IP addresses logging into the same account, that do not match your accounts activity, your account may be suspended. The Polygon Golf products and courses are intended for a single person user experience and are not intended to be shared with other individuals within the same account. Accounts that get suspended will not be refundable. 

Yes. From your dashboard you have the ability to manage your account, change your password, access the Master Class Table of Contents, and access your purchases, and download a receipt of your purchases from Polygongolf.

You can watch any live stream or additional video content from our main YouTube Channel Youtube.com/@nomoresecrets.benhogan.


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