Ben Hogan Master Class - No More Secrets

Introducing the No More Secrets Ben Hogan Master Class, where longtime golf instructor Chris Hudson breaks down every aspect of what Hogan was doing. Chris uses biomechanical principles and applies the universal language: physics. He demystifies all of the contradictory Ben Hogan theories Online and elsewhere and condenses them into one simple truth: Ben Hogan’s actual swing. Guaranteed, you will become the best ball striker that you can be after this Master Class!
Hitting From the Inside
Discover the correct way to Hit from the inside just like Ben Hogan. You will never come over the top with your trail shoulder again.
Run Out of the Block
You will learn how to run out of the block like a world class sprinter and gain an explosive advantage to your golf swing.
Baseball and Golf
Understanding baseball will help you understand Ben Hogan's golf swing. Plus, you will realize the secret to good rotation.
Up and In to Win
Discover the Truth about moving the club head inside during the golf swing. Ben Hogan's incredible golf swing called for it.
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What You Will Learn

Understand what Ben Hogan was actually doing in his golf swing and why.

Understand how to reproduce the same movements and motions Ben Hogan really made during his golf swing.

Drills designed to help you improve and to get the correct feels fast.

Get aligned correctly. You’ve never seen this anywhere on-line but will be thankful someone finally showed you.

Gain full control of better rotation in your own golf swing by fully understanding what Ben Hogan was really doing.

Learn how to apply real force to the golf club to maximize compression through the strike.

Improve Your Game quickly by understanding the real motion patterns of Ben Hogan’s Swing.

And Much More!

Course Content Outline

Over 9+ hours of never seen before Ben Hogan Golf Instruction. 

No More Secrets Ben Hogan Master Class Intro  – 06:53 mins

Body Motion Physics Made Simple – 05:28 mins

Understanding the Pulley Motion – 03:56 mins

Ben Hogan’s Grip – 14:06 mins

Get Setup Correctly – 18:24 mins

Feel the Correct Pressures – 17:19 mins

Arm Structure Setup – 16:26 mins

Head Movement & Ball Position – 09:47 mins

Body Movements in the Backswing  – 19:48 mins

Body Movements in the Downswing – 14:19 mins

Body Movements to Become Explosive – 25:50 mins

Body Movements Bonus Materials – 21:11 mins

Lead Foot Pivot – 05:55 mins

Power Support of the Lead Foot – 09:03 mins

Lead Hip Myth – 08:45 mins

You Must Open Up – 05:28 mins

Hand Path Intro – 06:34 mins

Baseball Relating to the Golf Swing Hand Path – 11:06 mins

Waggle & Grip – 04:40 mins

Hogan’s Waggle, Takeaway & Trail Elbow – 11:22 mins

Rerouting in the Backswing – 11:26 mins

Get to the Top of the Backswing – 13:19 mins

Downswing Transition – 24:23 mins 

90° Angle in Front of You During the Downswing – 07:09 mins

90° Angle Behind You During the Downswing – 03:53 mins 

Releasing & Finishing the Golf Swing – 23:03 mins

Belt Drill for Body Movement – 08:08 mins

Golf Ball Pinch Drill – 04:34 mins

Right Elbow Drill – 03:23 mins

Inner Tube Drill – 02:55 mins

Rotation Drill – 02:57 mins

Backswing Half Drill – 04:28 mins

Hockey Stick Drill – 04:03 mins

Recentering Drill – 05:34 mins

Up and In to Win Drill – 02:32 mins

How to Train Properly with Reps – 32:35 mins

Understand the Lead Elbow Path – 07:46 mins

Lead Wrist Conditions – 17:39 mins

Proper Swing Motion Sequence – 05:36 mins 

Stop Moving Towards Golf Ball – 05:03 mins

Swing Rotation Deep Dive – 08:58 mins

Setup Reach Movement Explained – 06:06 mins

Proper Hand Path for Better Rotation – 07:15 mins

Trail Elbow Movement – 03:37 mins

Pelvic Movement 06:18 mins

Maintain Lower Body Height – 02:49 mins

One Piece Takeaway – 12:41 mins

Shallowing – 09:40 mins

Working Under Spine Detail – 03:54 mins

Deeper Into the Downswing Transition – 10:12 mins

Forward Shaft Lean – 05:33 mins

Deeper Into the 90° Angle – 11:31 mins

When you fully understand what Ben Hogan was really doing; you will finally have the best chance to become that Bad Ass Ball Stricker you always knew you could be. There are so many different opinions out there online, but there is only one real truth. Through my unique understanding of geometrical modeling I am able to show you what that truth actually is.


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